Monday, January 12, 2015

Understanding the Many Styles of Bathroom Shower Doors

Understanding the Many Styles of Bathroom Shower Doors

Bathroom remodeling is one of the best ideas to have to boost the value of your home. However, the task could be daunting and expensive. By installing bathroom shower doors, you are halfway to achieving the remarkable change that you want for your contemporary bathroom.

There are numerous modern styles and designs available on the market today. It would be to your advantage if you know some of the popular residential door types to make choosing and buying easier.

For example, a typical pivot door is framed and opens outward on one side. A folding door opens and closes in accordion fashion while a bi-fold is a great replacement for small shower enclosure or bathtub stall.

A frameless shower door, as the name implies, has no frame or panel. A typical design consists of uninterrupted glass to give your bathing area a spacious feel and look. If you have a corner shower stall, a neo angle door is the perfect choice to maximize the available space.

There are also endless options when it comes to hardware and accessories. Unique colors and finishes can add beauty and elegance to your shower door. Many online retailers  are offering custom-built doors so you do not have to worry about dimensions and sizes as it would be easy to find one that will perfectly fit your special door openings. They also provide shower door kits at affordable prices and sometimes at a discount for wholesale deals.

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