Thursday, September 24, 2015

Get Those Shower Tracks Clean

Get Those Shower Tracks Clean

Start by pouring vinegar onto a paper towel so that it’s pretty much soaked. Then lay this onto the tracks, and let them sit for 30 minutes. Soak and lay enough paper towels to cover the length of your shower tracks. Turn on your exhaust fan during this process because the smell of vinegar can be strong. After 30 minutes, remove the paper towels, and take your old toothbrush and run it across the tracks. With a little bit of effort, all the gunk should brush right off. Use the Q-tips to clean tight spots like corners and around screws. When you’re done scrubbing, take the spray bottle and rinse all the vinegar off the tracks. Once you’re done it should look as good as new Folding Shower Doors

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If you’re sick and tired of cleaning shower door tracks, you should consider installing a shower with heavy glass doors. These types of shower doors typically swing open, and don’t normally require as much hardware such as tracks. Check out our gallery of heavy glass shower doors to see the difference Frameless Shower Doors

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