Friday, February 23, 2018

Building Your Custom Steam Shower

Building Your Custom Steam Shower

There is nothing more spectacular than adding a steam shower to your home! This simple luxury will easily transform your bathroom into a spa-like space for you to enjoy day after day.

Custom Cut Glass offers unsurpassed elegance and unlimited design flexibility. Created from the highest quality components and installed by our expert craftsmen, these enclosures are your personal oasis from the stresses of every day.

What is a steam shower?

 The glass enclosure extends from floor to ceiling and often includes a movable piece at the top of the structure, called a transom, which allows you to release just the right amount of steam. 

Varieties of steam shower
  • Neo-angle
  • Right-angle, 90 degree, and L-shaped
  • Inline and Single door
  • Custom
If you would like assistance or have any questions please contact us.

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